Welcome to Karate Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia’s recognized Provincial Sport Organization (PSO). KNS’s responsibility lies in creating a framework where everyone from casual participants to international champions can develop in a safe and fair environment. KNS’s member clubs/dojos adhere to a standard set by KNS, Sport Nova Scotia, and Karate Canada in order to provide a current program for all.

Approximately how many clubs? 25 ish

Approximately how many different styles? Shito, Chito, Uechi, Wado, Shotokan, Kyokushini, and MAMBEC

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  1. Dear Sir

    I am Mehdi, the head of Karate Association in Iran.

    I’m karate for about 35 years.I would like to work with your forum
    Let’s know better each other.I will wait for your answer

    Best Regards

    Karate do Association in Middle east

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