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thoughts on “Officials Clinic

  1. I was at the tournament in NEKEC, I brought many first time family and friends to watch! I have always noticed that certain styles get better treatment and recognition, and clearly it’s due to lack of education and knowledge from officiants of the other styles! I can honestly say that even the new comers who were watching noticed how different some styles treated and acknowledged! They all agreed it’s fairly political and didn’t seem fair! There was even a student (not my first time experiencing this student) that when he felt he wasn’t wining or doing as well, very obviously, theatrically, and frequently cried wolf and made a scene in hopes and succeeded in causing penalties and disqualification against his opponents, to avoid loosing, and to avoid the opponents to gain points! Also, we had kids in gear for over an hour and a half before they even got called over to start kumite, it was unacceptable! We felt this was a very disorganized tournament, and obvious to have standards that don’t meet or match all the styles there, which causes unfair outcomes! I’d like to see this change or I know that we will no longer pay to support these events in the future! You need to be better prepared to accommodate the numbers, and to accommodate ALL THE STYLES, fairly! I also feel you need to hand out papers for scoring and expectations at these events or before to better prepare attendees!