Yarmouth Challenge Cup Weekend (includes KNS Awards)!

The Yarmouth Challenge Cup is shaping up to be an action packed May 31st to June 1st!
Here is the “Official List” of Events:
•    May 31st, 7-9 PM Kumite Clinic ($10) – Canadian Team Member – Ryan O’Neil
•    May 31st, 7-9 PM Officials Clinic (Free) – WKF Referee Dave Griffin
•    June 1st, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM Karate Challenge Cup
•    June 1st, 7-9 PM KNS Recognition Awards
Complete details will available on the events page of the KNS Website, and of course .. Facebook
Thanks for your time and please share with your fellow karateka, family, friends and fans!
Which DOJO will be crowned CHAMPIONS!!

Visit the Events Page!


KNS – Awards Nominations

Nova Scotia’s sport community has much to be proud of.

KNS takes pride in recognizing the achievements and the valuable contributions of so many.

Provide your input to the KNS Awards, get your votes in by May 19th

KNS – 2019 Junior National Championships RESULTS!

Overall a great national tournament in Alberta! No one looked out-classed, all gave their best.  As a results we are brining back some hardware from the 2019 Karate Canada Junior National Championships held in Edmonton, May 3-5.

4 Medals: 1 Gold and 3 Silver

  • Gassan Alkurdi, Halifax NS- Gold in Youth -55kg
  • Brayden Ott, Dartmouth NS-  Silver in Youth -50kg
  • Riley Deveau, Clare NS- Silver in Junior -61kg
  • Angel Niet, Windsor NS- Silver in Junior -50kg

Congrats to all representatives of Karate Nova Scotia, the athletes, the coaches and the officials!


KNS – 2019 Junior National Championships

Announcing the 2019 Junior NS Karate Team.  Our team will be attending the Karate Canada Junior National Championships 2019 taking place in Edmonton, Alberta,  May 3-5, 2019.

We have 23 athletes attending this year’s Nationals,  6 of which will be competing in both Kumite and Kata.  

The members of our team are as follows:

Kumite Competitors:


  • Ben Khan: +55kg
  • Brayden Ott: -50 kg
  • Darren Bush: -45kg
  • Dylan Thibault: -45kg
  • Evan Peddle: -40kg
  • Gassan Alkurdi: -55kg
  • Ian Yorke: -55kg
  • Jack Boutilier: -40kg
  • Saad Eldlio: +55kg
  • Sam MacKenzie: +55kg


  • Brayden Ott: -52kg
  • Daniel McCabe: -52kg
  • Darren Bush: -52kg
  • DeniseThibault: -47kg
  • Dorian Thibault: -57kg
  • Gassan Alkurdi: -57kg
  • Hannah Glennie: -47kg
  • Jesse Niet: -47kg
  • Kaetlyn Ott: -54kg
  • Koen Schlief: -57kg
  • Maddox Fields: -57kg


  • Angel Niet: -50kg
  • Riley Deveau: -61kg
  • Marc-Andre Theriault: -61kg
  • Maria Habchi: +59kg
  • Yanick Boudreau: -68kg


  • Angel Niet: -50kg
  • Riley Deveau: -60kg

KATA Competitors:

  • Jesse Niet- Cadet
  • Angel Niet- Junior
  • Hannah Glennie- Cadet
  • Saad Eldlio- Youth
  • Koen Schlief- Cadet
  • Jack Boutilier-Youth

Our team will also be travelling with 5 coaches: Mitchell German, San Fung-German, Greg Da Ros, Trysten Deveau, Shannon Doane and Team Manager, Jessica Berilli.

Nova Scotia will be sending three officials; Dave Griffin, Theresa Griffin and Matt Sullivan.

Front Row Left to Right:

Ben Khan, Jesse Niet, Angel Niet, Jack Boutlier, Evan Peddle

Middle Row Left to Right:

Gassan Alkurdi, Saad Eldlio, Hannah Glennie, Maria Habchi, Kaetlyn Ott, Darren Bush, Brayden Ott, Dylan Thibault, Ian Yorke

Back Row Left to Right:

Coach San Fung-German, Coach Da Ros, Head Coach Mitchell German, Maddox Fields, Dorian Thibault, Riley Deveau, Yanick Boudreau, Marc-Andre Theriault, Sam MacKenzie, Daniel McCabe, Team Manager Jessica Berilli, Coach Shannon Doane, Official Dave Griffin, Coach Trysten Deveau, Coach Jeff Murphy.

Missing from photo is Denise Thibault and Koen Schlief.

KNS – Annual General Meeting Results

We have a new president!  Jason Fields.  Check out the reset of the new members of the Executive, AGM reports, etc:

AGM Documents




KNS – Annual General Meeting

The AGM will take place April 14th, 12:30 – 3:30 at the Italian Canadian Cultural Centre in Halifax.



Get involved, collaborate and spread the love of the art and sport! Many hands make light work!

KNS – 2019 Senior Pan American Karate Championships – Atlantic Canadian Representation!

Best of luck to Trysten Deveau and Ryan O’Neil who just finished training camp with the Senior Canadian Team.  They join fellow Atlantic Canadians Kathryn Campbell, Hilary Pond and Yashna Hathi, as they all now head off to Panama to clash with the other Pan American karateka in hopes of brining back some medals at the 2019 Senior Pan American Karate Championships (March 21st-23rd)
Ryan, Yashna and Kate will be doing double duty along with a few other Canadians ( on March 20th, hoping to do well in the 2019 Pan American Games Qualifier in order to represent Canada in August for Karate portion of the Pan American Games being held in Lima, Peru
Go Atlantic Canada!
Senior Team Canada – Atlantic Representation!


WKF – Social media campaign #Karate2024

Today we have launched the campaign #Karate2024 on social media to demonstrate our unity and to request our inclusion in the programme of the 2024 Olympic Games.

Your support for the success of this campaign is crucial. For this, I kindly ask you to distribute this campaign among all your affiliates and clubs. Please, send them this information so that all the karatekas in your country can publish their videos and photos participating in the challenge #TsukiForKarate2024.
In this way, we will not only showcase our unity but also how strong Karate in your country really is.

I am sure that with your collaboration, we will achieve our goal of being in Paris 2024.

Antonio Espinós
WKF President | World Karate Federation Headquarters
Avda. Filipinas 50, Esc.2 1º-A, 28003 Madrid, Spain
Tel:  (+34) 91 535-9632 / Fax: (+34) 91 535-9633 / E-mail:

KNS – 2019 Senior National Championships Result

Congrats to the Karate NS Senior team who recently competed at the 2019 Senior Nationals. Led by Coach Mitchell German, Ryan O’Neil won Silver for -67KG, while Trysten Deveau won Gold for -55KG; Roland Smith was also a member of the team who fought hard in -84KG. KNS was also represented by President Gary Walsh, and Officials David Griffin and Milton Bourque. We also want to congratulate the rest of Atlantic Canada on their medals, great showing and participation!

Atlantic Canada strong!

CCES – Cannabis In Sport

The Government of Canada will legalize cannabis on October 17, 2018. Athletes subject to the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) must be aware that this does not affect the status of cannabis in sport. Cannabis continues to be a prohibited substance and a positive test can still result in a sanction.  For more details visit


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