Provincial Team

The Nova Scotia Karate Team represents the province of Nova Scotia at the annual Canadian National Karate Championships. The Team is made up of male and female karateka from across the province that are actively training in a dojo that is a current member in good standing of Karate Nova Scotia (KNS).

All team members must be residents in the province of Nova Scotia and must have reached the minimum age of 12 years old, by the July 4th, 2024 in order to compete at Nationals.

Each year, the Nova Scotia Karate Team invites anyone interested in becoming a member of the team an opportunity to compete for a spot to represent Nova Scotia at the Canadian National Karate Championship events. These Championships take place annually in a pre-designated host province, usually confirmed immediately following the most recent event. Athletes are assisted in numerous ways to prepare for the competition in order to achieve optimum success in their event(s). There are individual, as well as, team events of kumite and kata. These events are further divided by the age and weight (for kumite) of the competitor. As a part of the Nova Scotia Karate Team, each athlete will be entitled to team workouts, clinics and other seminars offered specifically to team members to ensure their continued development.

By competing in the National Championship events, you will have the opportunity to make the National Team. Each year, both the Junior and Senior National teams compete in various International competitions. Making the Nova Scotia Karate Team is the first step to achieving goals such as Pan-American, World or even Olympic Champion.

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