Annual General Meetings

Get involved, collaborate and spread the love of the art and sport! Many hands make light work!

Who: Open to all KNS members, you are encouraged to attend; you do not have to be an instructor/coach. However, only 2 voting members are allowed per registered dojo as designated by Head Instructor.

What: AGM! This is a great opportunity to express your view on the past and current business of the KNS; perhaps put yourself forward for a position on the board or executive; meet and greet other members and learn what is happening around the Province.

What forum do you want the AGM to function?  Please fill out this survey if you are an identified voting member (one of 2 delegates for dojo, or current member of board).  Your choices are On-line, In-Person, or a Hybrid of both.  To be considered in decision, subission must be in my midnight April 9th, 2023.

Applicable Memorandum Excerpts:

Article III – Meeting of Members

Meeting of Members

3.1 Types of Meetings – Meetings of Members will include Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings.

3.2 Special Meeting – A Special Meeting of the Members may be called at any time by the President, by the Board or upon the written requisition of twenty (20%) percent or more of the Voting Member who have voting rights. The agenda of special meetings will be limited to the subject matter for which the meeting was duly called.

3.3 Location and Date – KNS will hold Meetings of Members online or in person in Nova Scotia at such date and time as determined by the Board. The Annual General Meeting will be held within 120 days of the fiscal year end.

3.4 Notice – Notice of Meetings of Members will be posted on KNS website at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting and written or electronic notice will be given to all Member Clubs at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting. Notice will contain a proposed agenda and reasonable information to permit Voting Members to make informed decisions, and shall be delivered in accordance with Article 8 of these Bylaws.

3.5 Adjournment – Any Meetings of Members may be adjourned to any time and place as determined by the Board and such business may be transacted at such adjourned meeting as might have been transacted at the original meeting from which such adjournment took place.

3.6 Agenda – The agenda for the Annual General Meeting may include:

a. Call to order
b. Establishment of Quorum
c. Appointment of Scrutineers
d. Approval of the Agenda
e. Declaration of any Conflicts of Interest
f. Adoption of Minutes of the previous Annual Meeting
g. President’s Report
h. Financial Report
i. Board, Staff and Committee Reports
j. Election of new Directors
k. Business as specified in the meeting notice
l. Adjournment

3.7 New Business – Any Member Club or Individual Member who wishes to have new business or a matter placed on the agenda of a meeting that requires a vote, will give written notice to KNS at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting date.

3.8 Quorum – A quorum for the transaction at any Meeting of the Members shall consist of not less than 25% of Voting Members present in person or by electronic means, with the exception that quorum for a meeting at which a Special Resolution is proposed requires members to be present in person. If quorum is not obtained, members in attendance may set forth a new date and time at which the meeting is to be rescheduled. Written or electronic notice shall be given to all Member Clubs at least fourteen (14) days prior to the rescheduled meeting date, and at such rescheduled date the members shall, with the exception of passing a Special Resolution, be permitted to transact the meeting with or without quorum.

3.9 Closed Meetings – Meetings of Members will be closed to the public except by invitation of the Board.

Voting Rights of Members

3.10 Voting at Meetings of Members – General Members are allowed to attend and participate but only the following members are entitled to vote at Meetings of the Members:

a. Member Clubs

i. Each Member Club in good standing will receive two (2) votes at Meetings of Members.
ii. Each vote will be made by a Voting Delegate that is designated by the Member Club in the manner determined by KNS (section 3.11).
iii. A voting Board Member cannot be designated as a Voting Delegate by a  Member Club.

b. Board Member

i. All members of the KNS Board, including the President, are entitled to one (1) vote at Meetings of Members.

3.11 Voting Delegates – The name of a Voting Delegate(s) will be communicated to the KNS Executive in writing or by electronic communication prior to the meeting of members. Delegates must be eighteen (18) years of age and older and a member in good standing. No Delegate may hold voting privileges for more than one Club Member.

3.12 Scrutineers – At the beginning of each meeting, the Board may appoint one or more scrutineers who will be responsible for ensuring that votes are properly cast and  counted. The scrutineers are not eligible to be Member Club Voting Delegates.

3.13 Proxy Voting – Voting by proxy is not allowed.

3.14 Determination of Votes – Votes will be determined by a show of hands, in writing, electronically or orally unless a secret or recorded ballot is requested by the majority of Voting Members.

3.15 Majority of Votes – Except as otherwise provided in the Act or these Bylaws, an Ordinary Resolution will decide each issue. In the case of a tie, the issue is defeated.