Tournament Registration Yarmouth

Current Tournament:

Yarmouth Karate Challenge Cup 2023

Pre-registration is a MUST.

Registration Deadline May 31st, 2023 midnight

Registration forms will NOT automatically total your fees or apply any applicable discounts, this will be handled at the door.

Payment is made at tournament Cash Only.

There is NO additional door registration!! You can adjust your registration but no new Athletes will be accepted.

Tournament Check-in on June 3rd:

  • Athletes 11 and under need to check-in between 8:30 am and 9 am.
  • Athletes 12 and up can check-in between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm.

** The Yarmouth Cup Challenge will follow the base rule set of the KNS Grand Prix’s tournamens, with the exception of the adjustments noted on the Mukashi Karate website.

Click Image to Review Rules and Divisions **

** Tournaments outside the KNS Grand Prix’s may have adjustments to established ruleset.

Always Remember To …

Double check your registration form before submitting!!

The online registration form below only allows for one registration per submission. NOTE: There are some changes from last season, please read carefully.

Patience: After submitting, WAIT 1 minute before you close browser window as you need to give the form time to process; it will take you to a confirmation page if successful.

Please note: Registration will be reviewed and an Email confirmation of your registration will be emailed at least 2 days prior to tournament date. *** Sometimes there are challenges with email communications, in particular gmail and microsoft accounts, please add as a trusted sender for future, or keep an eye on junkmail folder. ***