If you have membership questions, concerns, wish to become a new member or find your dojo not listed within our website, please contact our membership coordinator at [email protected]

KNS is now using Martial Member to manage the association’s membership.  To manage your dojo member list visit

KNS Membership renewal period starts annually on Oct 31st.  Notices are sent out to the identified dojo administrators.

Please note: There are NO family memberships with regards to the annual membership fees.

Required Checks – Vulnerable Sector / Criminal Records /  Child Abuse

KNS and its member dojos are committed to maintaining a safe training environment. We are working hard to update and align our policies with other sports and today’s standards.  We have instituted changes to Vulnerable Sector checks requirements.  In the past they were “lifer”, as we did not do any follow ups.  Our policy has changed, to  remain a member in good standing you need to have this check completed every 36 months, which has now become the best practice in most sports.

Vulnerable sector checks are required for all head instructors who have any students under the age of 18.  In addition, any dojo instructors who would also be teaching students in that age range are required to complete a check as well.

Police Checks may be obtained online for a fee of $25, please contact the Technical Director at [email protected] for the appropriate link. They may also be obtained at your local Police/RCMP detachment. The cost of in-person checks varies region by region. KNS can supply a volunteer letter at request, to help minimize costs. Please contact [email protected] for a copy of the volunteer letter.

Dojo’s that instruct students under the age of 19 are required to have instructors that would come in contact with them to complete Child Abuse Checks.  You need to complete this form, and then mail it to the address on the form. There is no fee for this check.

Once you have your forms completed, please scan and email to [email protected]

Or mail a copy to
5516 Spring Garden Road – 4th Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 3G6

Insurance Documents

For a copy of the current Insurance Certificate, members in good standing can email [email protected] to request a copy.

Liability Insurance
Commercial General Liability Policy Occurrence Form

Key Benefits

The practice of karate (whether in its more traditional form or as a modern sport) provides numerous benefits to participants of every age, such as:

  • improved health and physical condition
    (strength, balance, flexibility, cardio-vascular health, coordination…)
  • improved focus, concentration and energy
  • acquisition of self-defense skills
  • increased self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect…

Other Key Features…

 Core Life Skills:

Karate builds character, and it teaches and promotes important values and life skills, such as: discipline, respect, perseverance, integrity, honor, sportsmanship, problem resolution skills, non-violent conflict resolution…

Karate is for Everyone:

Karate is accessible to all (including male and female participants at any age, and athletes with disabilities) and unlike many other sports, its practice is very affordable. All you really need, in order to get a great workout and to learn, is a uniform (gi) and access to a recognized dojo (club and instructor)!

Challenging yet Regulated:

While dynamic and exciting, modern Olympic-style (WKF) karate is the safest of combat sports, with very strict kumite (sparring) rules prohibiting excessive contact, well-trained expert officials, and competent medical staff present at every major event.


Karate is a universal sport, being practiced everywhere in the world. It is one of the most popular of all the Olympic sports, especially with young athletes, and transcends all cultural and social barriers.


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