“From its beginnings in China over 1000 years ago, through its development in Okinawa as a Martial Art used against armed feudal lords, to its inclusion in the Japanese schools and culture, karate has developed as a system of weaponless self-defence and more recently as a sport”.

The benefits extend far beyond the self-defence aspect into training for the mind by increasing concentration, focus, and determination: for the body by increasing fitness, skill development and competition; and for building character by improving self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem. Participating in karate molds skills which carry over into all other aspects of life.

Karate is good for anyone at any age, helping to build healthy people within an atmosphere of respect and courtesy (maintained by practicing good etiquette) to assist all practitioners to attain their best, maintain self-control and develop good sportsmanship.

Although martial arts have been studied for hundreds of years, they have been taught by example, from teacher to student. Each student added his own flavor to the teachings of his sensei. Eventually the art developed into different styles. Because of their common beginnings, all styles have a common thread binding them together. The Nova Scotia Karate Association was founded on November 17, 1973, by people from various walks of life – and styles of karate – whose main interest was promoting unity among these styles. They knew that through unity they could better promote this martial art, expand participation and improve the quality of karate in Nova Scotia.


Karate Nova Scotia (April 6, 2013) formerly, the Nova Scotia Karate Association is the only body which the Province of Nova Scotia recognizes for karate.
•  To provide a provincial organization to promote, encourage and stimulate interest in karate in Nova Scotia.
•  To create a forum for discussion and assist in the organization, development and implementation of karate programs.
•  To celebrate the excellence in all styles of karate affiliated under KNS.

What’s In It For You?


KNS Tournament co-ordinators structure the Provincial Grand Prix Tournaments. Competing in tournaments expands karate experience and can earn good competitors a place on the provincial team to compete at national and international events. Membership of KNS is a prerequisite for team membership and for entrance to KNS sanctioned tournaments.


Different styles of karate are recognized by KNS. From time to time, students at all levels are given special opportunities to learn from masters (or experts) who are invited from around the world to provide in-depth instruction for members.

Insurance Coverage

KNS purchases protection (liability for dojos, senseis and karateka; and also sport accident) at a very affordable rate. It is automatically included in the membership annual dues.

First Aid

KNS attempts to subsidize First Aid & CPR/AED Training for clubs. Depending on the budget, KNS will arrange the session(s) and will pay for two member of each club to attend. All members of KNS are invited to attend and KNS will negotiate the cost of attendance for those not covered by KNS (the cost will depend on the number of participants).


KNS emails out to each member club notices of all KNS events, including tournaments, meetings, Officials Association events, NCCP Programs, minutes of meetings and other pertinent information. Be well informed – join KNS.

National Coaching Certification Program

The purpose of the National Certification Program (NCCP) is to upgrade the quality of instruction of our coaches and dojo instructors. Each stage of this five-level program covers three components of coaching: theory, technical and practical, the latter two being sport specific. KNS is the only body in the province authorized by the Coaching Association of Canada to conduct technical and practical seminars and certify the successful participants.

Long-Term Athlete Development

We provide communication and delivery of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programs and information developed by Karate Canada. Karate Canada has produced the “Karate For Life Booklet”, which outlines the LTAD process.

“Karate for Life” is a framework of athlete development with special reference to growth, maturation and development, trainability, and the sport Karate system alignment and integration. It incorporates information from the Sport Canada resource paper “Canadian Sport for Life” which is a generic model of athletic development aimed at improving the nation’s health and excellence in sport.

Officials Development

KNS Officials Association is a leader in Canada, with other provinces adopting the model developed here, in training and upgrading judges for kata, and referees for kumite. Membership in KNS allows access to this group which holds regular upgrading seminars. Their motto: “Safety of the competitor comes first” and a “Fair and equal playing field for all.”

Black Belt Recognition Program

Karate Canada, in collaboration with the provincial organizations, has established a program to provide dan ranking. This ensures consistent black belt standards and provides objective review of unique style associations or clubs without traditional parent organizations.

Government Funding – Sports NS

Money can be applied for by organizations to assist with program development for elite athletes, Officials and the NCCP.