KNB – Atlantic Karate Championship Weekend


Sat, Oct 8, 2016 to Sun, Oct 9, 2016    
All Day


Delta Fredericton
Woodstock Road, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Atlantic

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Karate New / Nouveau Brunswick is pleased to announce that registrations for the 2016 Atlantic Championships are now open. The 2016 Atlantic Championships will be hosted at the Delta Fredericton on Woodstock Road in Fredericton, NB on October 8th and 9th, 2016.

Accommodations Special

Accommodations Special


Officials Clinics

On the evening of Friday, October 7th, Karate New / Nouveau Brunswick will be hosting an officials clinic for anyone interested in getting a basic refresher on officiating. Anyone interested in challenging for their Karate Canada Judge & Referee certifications can attend the Karate Canada Officials Training Course on Saturday, October 8th. The training will be facilitated by WKF Referee Yaro Tarana, and the cost of the training only is $100. To attend the training and take the exam, the cost is $150.


Kumite & Kata Clinics

On Saturday, October 8th, Karate New / Nouveau Brunswick will be hosting two clinics.

  • Kumite (morning) – lead by Randy Rix, starting at 10 am
  • Kata (afternoon) – Lead by Antonio Terra, starting at 2 pm

Cost of the clinics is $20 each and is payable at the door. Pre-registration is not required.


Tournament Registration

New update to help answer some questions that people might have about the upcoming Atlantic Championships:

  • Recreation divisions are comprised of athletes of all ages, who are white, yellow, or orange belts. Grand Prix divisions are comprised of athletes who qualify to compete at National Championships at the end of February (aged 12 or above, and at least a green belt). For example, your student might be 11 years old right now, but will be 12 in January 2017, meaning they would qualify to compete at Nationals in the Youth division. Please indicate ALL athletes who will be competing in Grand Prix divisions.
  • If an athlete wishes to compete in multiple divisions for kumite (cadet athlete competing in cadet AND junior divisions), please add that athlete to the registration form a second time and either make a note beside that line on the form, or let me know in the email when you submit the form to me. If an athlete is Senior age (18+) and wishes to compete in U21, please add them to the form a second time and make a note as well.
  • Original registration form has been updated to include home province, please use the new attached form to register (also available on KNS website)
  • For payments, a cheque or cash on the morning of the tournament is fine.
  • $25 per individual event

  • $30 per team for team kata

In order to ensure that the check-in process is as efficient as possible, we will not be accepting any new registrations at the door. We ask that all registrations be submitted no later than October 2nd!

Registration Form


Tournament Check-in Times

All competitors in the recreation divisions are required to check in Sunday, October 9th between 9:15 to 9:45 AM. All competitors in the Grand Prix divisions are required to check in between 12:00 to 12:30 PM. Draw sheets for all divisions will be available by the check-in table for review.

Required equipment for all Kumite competitors

  • WKF Approved chest protector

  • WKF Approved shin / foot pads

  • WKF Approved gloves

  • Jock / Jill

  • Mouth guard

A face mask is optional for all Kumite competitors aged 10 & 11. All Kumite competitors are responsible for their own equipment, and are encouraged to have both red and blue sets, including belts.

In the interest of time, for all kata divisions for white, yellow, and orange belts aged 11 and under, two competitors will perform their kata in the ring at the same time.

Belt Kumite Divisions are for ages 9 and under.

All Grand Prix divisions will follow WKF Rules Revision 9 (effective January 1, 2015), with the exception of rules specifying elimination systems in use. All recreation and Grand Prix divisions will be double-elimination, unless the division has only three competitors, in which case, the division will be round-robin.

Please use the attached spreadsheet when submitting registrations.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Fredericton.

Terry Soucy

Tournament Director – Karate New / Nouveau Brunswick