Sun, Aug 29, 2021    
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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Our last AGM was Arpril 14th, 2019, since then, challenges of the pandemic have not permitted us to have an AGM in this state of emergency.  As we appear to be moving back towards normal, we want to get in an AGM soon to ensure the board and executive can move forward working hard on behalf of the membership towards a bright future.

We are pleased to announce we will be going digital for the 2021 AGM.  We hope this allows for those dojos who are further outside the city to participate as the travel time will be just minutes 🙂

  • Who: Open to all KNS members, you are encouraged to attend; you do not have to be an instructor/coach. However, each dojo is only permitted 2 voting members as designated by Head Instructor, the rest would be non-voting members.
  • What: AGM! This is a great opportunity to express your view on the past and current business of the KNS.  (see AGENDA); review submitted Reports
  • When: SUNDAY, August 29th, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Where: ZOOM … Please register here to receive Zoom Meeting Link.

Everyone on the current board and executive have served either to their mandate duration or beyond due to the pandemic impacts.

Board/Executive Positions – Here is a list of all the positions that are becoming available and are open to nominations, in brackets you will see the term duration to ensure we realign with 2022 AGM expected to take place in March/April 2022:

  • President (mandate will be until 2024 AGM),
  • Vice-President (mandate will be until 2023 AGM),
  • Secretary (mandate will be until 2022 AGM),
  • Treasurer (mandate will be until 2023 AGM),
  • Director at Large (mandate will be until 2022 AGM),
  • Director at Large (mandate will be until 2022 AGM),
  • Director at Large (mandate will be until 2023 AGM),
  • Director at Large (mandate will be until 2023 AGM),
  • Athlete Director (nominated by High Performance Committee, ratified at AGM, mandate will be until 2022 AGM),

Due to the AGM being digital we will not be taking any “in session” nominations. This is necessary in order for us to prepare for online voting to make the process as smooth as possible.  Any unfilled positions at completion of AGM will be chosen by members of the board/executive as per bylaws.

Nomination Process: Should you be interested in any of the positions, here is the nomination process:

  • Nominations will not be accepted from the floor.
  • Any Voting Member of KNS may nominate another member to be one of the
    members of the Board/Executive.  (Each dojo has 2 voting members, please check with your dojo),
  • There is no limit on how many nominations a voting member puts forward.
  • Members could be nominated for more than one position.
  • Nomination must be submitted to the KNS Technical Director ([email protected]) by August 22nd, 2021
  • Submission must include details that note the individual doing the nominating, the nominee, the position being nominated for, and an overview of interest, experience, skills that the nominee will bring to the board/executive.  These details will be provided to the voting members at the AGM so that they can make a better informed decision.
  • You do not have to be a head instructor or senior member of a dojo to have your name put forward for any of the vacancies, you just need to be willing to volunteer time and energy and work with team to make a difference!

Get involved, collaborate and spread the love of the art and sport! Many hands make light work!