KNS – Atlantic Karate Championship Weekend

KNS - Atlantic Karate Championship Weekend


Sat, Oct 6, 2018 to Sun, Oct 7, 2018    
All Day


Sackville High School
1 Kingfisher Way, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, B4V 8Z9

Event Type

Karate Nova Scotia is pleased to be hosting the 2018 Atlantic Championships.


Information Bulletin

Here is a list of notable updates to bulletin:


  • If you have not received a confirmation of your tournament registration within 24 hours of registering, please email and let us know.  Some folks have had technical issues where they thought their registrations were entered but they were not.
  • Anyone trying out for a Provincial Team, and based on their age, they align with two divisions, please email us a note on the second one (
  • Kumite only athletes 12-17 years of age can register by second registration (12:30 pm) if they wish.
  • Reduced Advanced Team Kata mandatory kata performance variations from 2 to 1
  • Will be using weights to split the Advanced Divisions that align with Nationals, essentially a light/heavy .. depending on competitor count
  • Made note … registration is CASH only at the door
  • Place link to a video for the KNS version of Ninja Turtles
  • Confirmed division format to be Repechage for all, unless 3 or less
  • Family discount applies to tournament only. after a combined 3 division registrations, each additional is $5 off for the family. example sibling one registers for kata and kumite, sibling two registers for same, the 4th division would be $5 off.
  • Reminding about the Kata/Kumite and Officials Clinics the day before (Oct 6th).  These clinics run independent of the tournament, there is something for every age group and skill!   If the tournament date does not work out, you can still get a chance to grow in your training by checking out the clinics.
  • NOTE: Important for the 11 and up athletes who do both kata and kumite, if you attend all of the 3 time slots for Saturday clinics, the 3rd one is free, so essentially $30 max for all day.
  • Reminder for clinic registration is at time of arrival, please be there 15-20 mins ahead of start time to ensure no delays in clinic
  • Coaches who are looking to gain certification to reach out to Gary Walsh.